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Another femicide in Mérida, woman from Tekax stabbed 44 times

by Yucatan Times
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The murder of María Rosalía Chan Tinal, from Tekax, was described as brutal, inhumane and cruel in the imputation hearing of the murderer, on Thursday, December 14, at the Oral Justice Center of this city.

The man stabbed María Rosalía Chan Tinal 44 times and she did not die from the injuries she suffered, but from the hemorrhages. “It was a slow and painful death”, stated the forensic report.

After fatally injuring her, the alleged murderer, identified as Alexander C.G., a 21-year-old male from Chiapas, left her lying on the floor, agonizing and naked. The alleged murderer committed the crime on the property that his employer had entrusted him to take care of, because he had nowhere to live, no family or friends.

Based on the State Investigative Police file, the prosecutors recreated the last moments of María Rosalía’s life, who was originally from the Xayá municipality and mother of two children.

The story began at 6:40 PM on Saturday Dec. 8th, at bar “La Isla”, located on Calle 59 in the Bojórquez neighborhood of this capital. At that time security cameras recorded the arrival of the alleged criminal, who occupied a table and ordered a beer.

The victim, who was a waiter there, served the man a beer. He drank two glasses and both of them were talking for a long time. At 9:56 PM Alexander left the bar and María Chan continued to work as usual. Since it was Saturday, there were a lot of customers.

A short time later, at 10:22 PM, the subject returned to the bar; sat down on a table and talked to the victim again. He offered her to go home together and in exchange he would pay her 700 pesos. The girl continued working.

At 11:05, they had their first physical contact. In the security cameras it can be seen that they stood up, hugged and kissed each other. At that moment, they allegedly closed the agreement to go to his house, in exchange for 700 pesos.

The young woman informed her friend “Mia” that she would go with that client, “Mia” warned her not to go with a stranger. But Maria Chan ignored the recommendations and at 11:15 she and the attacker left the bar together and stood at the door for a few minutes waiting for a taxi.

At 11:23, as they did not get a taxi, the walked to the house where the young woman was murdered, on 24th Street and 27 of the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood, a few meters from Mérida’s Psychiatric Hospital.

It was the last time María was seen alive.

In the aforementioned property they entered through the main door, and at some point there was a disagreement, which led to the brutal killing.

The assailant caused 44 wounds to the woman with a knife and it is presumed that he stopped attacking her because he got tired of repeatedly stabbing her.

The man fled the scene and left her lying in a pool of blood. The subject ran away and arrived at the “Hospedaje México” hotel  in colonia Francisco I. Madero.

He told the manager that he had suffered a traffic accident and that was why his shirt and shoes were stained with blood. He occupied room 11 and paid in advance; moments later, he left the premises without returning the key, so he was pursued by a hotel employee, who caught up with him and was able to recover the key.

Then, Alexander got in a taxi and left. The hotel manager called the police, and they secured the room and the shirt stained with blood and a document that the subject left in the room’s trash can. And hours later, police officers found the body of Maria Chan.

The investigation file was integrated and the arrest warrant requested. Alexander was finally detained on Wednesday Dec. 12th in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

The reason for the vicious murder is yet to be determined.

However, two hypotheses are handled: the first is that the young woman allegedly mocked his manhood and the second is that she infected him with HIV in a previous encounter.

TYT Newsroom with information fom yucatan.com.mx

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