Another case of violence against women, this time right at the gates of the Police building in Merida

Marycruz P. T. was being phisically assaulted by Adrian H. M when agents of the Municipal Police of Mérida found them right in the main entrance of the Policé facilities and arrested the man.

The facts were recorded when the police officers realized that at the gates of this police corporation, inside a Nissan Versa license plates YXJ-856-C,  a man and a woman looked as if they were struggling.

As the police officers approached the car, it started moving again for about 25 meters, where the police managed to open the vehicle door, seeing that Yuriel Adrian HM was grabbing Marycruz PT by the neck, clearly choking her. The officers immediately arrested the aggressor, who continued insulting and threatening the victim as he hand cuffed and taken away.

The detainee, who was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was placed at the disposal of the Judges Qualifiers for the corresponding sanction, also Marycruz P. T. indicated that she would go to the Public Ministry of the State Attorney General to report the facts and file charge against the agressor.

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