The Natural History Museum of Utah at the Rio Tinto Center has a special exhibition, “Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed,” which opens to the public on Saturday.

The exhibition features more than 250 authentic and rare artifacts and allows guests to encounter the Maya culture.

As visitors explore the exhibit, it’s as if it is telling the story of the ancient Mayans and their modern descendants with hands-on activities.

The in-depth look into the culture, traditions and beliefs of the ancient people is completely bilingual in English and Spanish and runs through May 27, 2019.

The nine sections of the exhibit are:

Unlocking the Maya Past – Learn how scholars are unlocking secrets of life long ago and read inscriptions carved hundreds of years ago

Histories on Stone – Get a sense of how to read Maya hieroglyphs carved into stone stelae

Watching the Skies – Discover why Maya charted the 365-day solar cycle, predicted solar and lunar eclipses

Master Builders – Maya were excellent urban planners, organizing their cities according to needs, environmental constraints and religious beliefs.

Making a Living – See how residents produced goods like textiles, tools, jewelry or pottery for market

Death and Rebirth – Hidden beneath the land of the living lay the underworld called Xibalba

The Dead Tell Tales – Explorations of Maya burials tell us about the structure of Maya society and even diet and lifestyle

A Story in Pictures – Maya artists painted walls of three small rooms in Bonampak with scenes of war and celebration

Maya Roots Run Deep – Today’s Maya are heirs to a culture that has survived thousands of years and still exists today


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