Police officer killed at the entrance of SSP building in Mérida (Diario de Yucatán)

MERIDA.- After a shooting, the death of a suspect was reported at the entrance of the Mérida’s State Security Complex, where Semefo agents arrived to collect the body in order to conduct the corresponding autopsy, which is why the access roads to the premises were temporarily closed.

There are three versions to thie incident, according to Diario de Yutacán:

The first is that an agent of the Public Security Secretariat: SSP crashed his vehicle against the security barrier.

The second is that agents of the SSP were transporting a criminal to the security complex and at some point, the subject took out a weapon (some versions say that he took one of the police agents’ arms) and shot one of them.

And the third version states that a unidentified individuals started firing the police vehicle from a moving car, but the police car does not show any signs of bullets.

The fact is that one of the police officers was somehow shot dead, the police vehicle lost control and crashed into the security barrier.

So far the SSP has not given any information, the entrance to the building remains closed by a line of official vehicles that block the view towards the inner part of the facility.

Due to the incident, a security operation was set up in the city and the periphery. According to Diario de Yutacán, a suspect from the state of Tabasco could be involved in the incident.

Source: Diario de Yutacán