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Many an American sees a potential home in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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The president of the American community in Mexico, Larry Rubin, predicts that the migration of Americans to the Yucatan will increase in the coming years because retiring citizens of Minnesota, Georgia, Florida, among other US states, have an interest in establishing their second home in our state.

Along with this migration of foreigners, he predicted that investments will come from people who have small and medium enterprises, he also said that the number of US tourists will increase in Yucatan because they want to discover new nature and cultural destinations, they value the safety, tranquility and quality of life in the state, and many of them will decide to stay.

Although he stressed that there is a lack of infrastructure, air connectivity and a deep need for better quality of life  in the port of Progreso.

The US Consul in Mérida, Courtney Beale, reported on October 18, that just over 10,000 Americans currently live in the city of Merida and therefore the government of the United States will build new consular offices in the Vía Montejo area.

Larry Rubin informed that he will have a meeting with Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, in which they will strengthen the collaboration to bring more investment and tourism, in order to promote Yucatán with more intensity so that the business opportunities the state offers and its tourist destinations are better known in the U.S.

“For some time, Yucatan has competed with other Mexican states for tourism and investment, and of course these two elements represent more jobs and better wages for the Yucatecans”, he said.

“Yucatan enjoys a good reputation in the United States, the state has never had a violence alert for tourism and therefore Americans come and when they spend a couple of days in Mérida, they want to stay and live here,” he continued.

The American politician is a representative of the Republican Party, and the national president of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives (Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas: IMEF), Fernando López Macari, with whom Rubin offered the conference “Economic Perspectives and Renegotiation of NAFTA” at the Canacintra building, revealed that Rubin is a serious candidate for ambassador of the U.S. in Mexico.

American Society of Mexico President Larry Rubin (Photo: Google)

During a breakfast with IMEF members, organized by Francisco José Álvarez Cuevas, local president of that organization, Larry Rubin assured that the new trilateral treaty T-MEC in Spanish and USMCA, in English, represents a great potential for the three countries and it suits everyone.

For example, spotlights for car headlights were imported from China, but with the new trade agreement they will have to be manufactured and bought in one of the three countries. That represents a huge opportunity for Yucatán in terms of investment and new jobs on a large scale.

Another benefit that is expected to be completed before the T-MEC is approved, is the cancellation of tariffs on steel because this was created for political purposes, since Donald Trump wanted to win the election in the state of Pennsylvania, where the steel companies are located.

According to Rubin, this tariff increase made the input more expensive, affecting the industry and most likely it will be eliminated.

He also spoke of the midterm elections over the weekend where the Republican party lost the majority in the lower house. Rubin said that even when they lost 20 seats, it was a minor loss because in the Obama and Clinton administrations the Republican party lost many more.

According to Rubin, the Republicans won more seats in the senate and more governorships than the Democrats, which shows that the American people approves the current administration.

TYT Newsroom with information from yucatan.com.mx

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