K-9 agent finds 17 kilos of marijuana in ADO bus on the Mérida-Campeche highway

A K-9 agent from Mexican army trained to detect drugs, found a suitcase with 17 kilos of marijuana, in an ADO truck, on the federal highway Mérida-Campeche.

During a routine review, the Mexican Army and the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) as part of the “sealing operation on the stateline of  Yucatán, detected a large amount of marijuana at the military security post located on the federal highway of Campeche bound for Mérida, with the help of a K-9 agent.

According to the information issued by th Mexican Army, the military seized 17 kilos of marijuana, which were being transported in two packages wrapped with duct tape, inside a suitcase, in an ADO truck, from bound from Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

The drug found was 17 kilos of dried marijuana distributed in two packages, so the State Police was notified of the founding by authorities of the Halachó municipality in Yucatán, and the drug was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Federation in Mérida, Yucatán.

After the pot was found, they proceeded to search for the owner of that particular piece of baggage, however the owner did not appear, so the military seized 17 kilos of marijuana, which were transferred to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) in Mérida, Yucatan.

After the incident, the security agents allowed the truck and passengers to continue their journey.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.com