Homeless individual “caught with his pants down” on the international dock of Progreso

Julio César Junco Chablé “could not hold it any longer”, and instead of going to a public bathroom on the Malecon, he decided it was OK to defecate right on the Progreso’s fiscal wharf, where hundreds of people could see him.

The 36 year-old native of Campeche, was caught in the act by municipal police officers of the port of Progreso, who immediately proceeded to arrest him.

The individual, who was in an evident state of drunkenness, was literally “Caught With his Pants Down”, crouched right there in front of everybody, at broad daylight, without even trying to hide himself, in one of the arches of the dock.

Apparently, this man is one of the numerous homeless people that abound in the area and on the beach of Progreso, which is a problem that until now no municipal administration has been able to solve.

Civilians saw the man, and complained with the municipal police officers about the man’s behavior.

Cruise companies’ managers have complained about the poor conditions of Progreso and the harassment that tourists suffer from street vendors (some of them under the influence of alcohol, as has been reported by cruise passengers).

TYT Newsroom with information from yucatan ahora

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