Great Museum of the Mayan World, a space open to public proposals in Yucatan

“The Great Museum of the Mayan World will be an open space for proposals that will bring all Yucatecans closer to what is undoubtedly their cultural heritage”, assured Ana Eugenia Méndez Patterson, the current museum director who talked about the new strategies that are already being implemented.

“Part of the work entrusted to us is precisely to turn this museum into a meeting place for all strata of society, for Maya indigenous communities that often feel alien to this place, we want to invite them to come and take over this space, to see it also as a place for reflection and reunion, for activating activities for the whole family” the museum director underlined.

“Part of our work will be to attract these new audiences that exist out there but do not visit the space. Of course we want to involve all schools, but not only the schools here in Mérida and the surrounding area, but also public rural schools from all the municipalities across the state, it is their museum, it is their cultural heritage and identity. We want to bring the different audiences closer, especially children, who are our future and need to know their cultural roots, so they can become promoters and protectors of that culture, ” she continued.

The director said that they are diagnosing and analyzing a series of actions to develop a continuous program with a diversity of events and activities including colloquiums, special visits, workshops for children, youth and adults, and dynamics such as the Club of Friends of the Museum.

When asked if they are open to proposals from collectives, producers and independent managers, Méndez Patterson said they are open to listen. “As public officials we owe it to the public and everything we do here is for the public because the museum is ultimately theirs”, declared the museum director.

“Yes, we are open to hear proposals, as long as these include justified objectives. Executive and well structured projects will be analyzed to see if they can be programmed. Infrastructure needs, costs, expenses, etc. all those aspects need to be taken into consideration. We want to know what the people of Yucatan expects from the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya” she concluded.

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