Fishermen of Progreso demand more surveillance against piracy

After the robbery committed in recent days off the coast of Progreso to a boat that was approached by so-called “modern pirates”, entrepreneurs engaged in the business of fishing in Yucatan, as well as men of the sea ask for more support from the authorities to combat the recent criminal wave (before it becomes a “tidal wave”).

The pirates stripped the boat crew of an outboard motor, as well as the product that the occupants had fished during their journey just a few miles off the coast of Progreso, and adds to dozens of cases in which the fishermen have been moored in Yucatecan waters.

In most of these cases, the crew members are threatened with firearms and forced to deliver their loads or engines.

Many fishermen of Progreso say that are already tired of the constant thefts.

Progreso, Yuc. (Photo:

Those affected also indicate that the situation may end up escalating to armed clashes on the high seas between fishermen and criminals, that could lead to end up with serious injuries or death of one of those involved, which would be more painful and worrisome than the current material losses.

There are several fishermen from Progreso and other fishing areas of Yucatan, who are considering starting to go to sea armed to repel pirate approaches and defend the product of their work by their own hand.

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