Sustainable energy through solar panels, is a way to economize on the cost of homes or businesses and this type of technology is becoming more popular by the minute in Yucatan, and even more now, that there is a big controversy with the excessively high electricity rates.

Another factor by which solar panels have been well accepted among the population of Yucatan is the environmental awareness that is being promoted among the new generations . In fact it is considered that using one single solar panel can save up to 39 trees, and avoid sending two kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The use of solar panels in the state is more frequent than six years ago in fact the demand for these items has doubled over the years. The CFE iself is now recommending the use of Solar Panels in order to save electricity.

“The solar panels in Yucatan and other states are 100% convenient, even more now with the current situation related to the Federal Electricity Commission,” said Bruno Villanueva, commercial director of Perfect Home.

“People are not aware of the amount of money they can save by generating electric power using solar energy, it is for this reason that they approach our company to ask, besides Yucatecan people are curious by nature, and for that same reason they want to know how solar panels work and how much money they can save”, Villanueva continued.

“As an example, if there is a farm that pays $10,000 pesos bimonthly in energy consumption, in a year they pay 60,000 pesos and in five years the account will amount to 350,000 pesos. But with solar panels you can have savings of 1.5 million pesos in a 20-year period, he explained.

However, the only disadvantage for the state of Yucatan, particularly, is that the extreme hot and humid weather conditions damage the panels creating an issue of durability.

“It is true that the higher the temperature, the better the electric flow, but in Yucatan the sun is very strong, which means that when the solar panels get too hot, its operation capacity decreases, this technology is designed for climates with less sunlight. Despite the above, it is highly recommended to have one, even the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) recommends the use of solar panels”, Villanueva concluded.

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