Dead horses found on a dirt road in northwest Mérida

Two dead horses were found on a dirt road in Mérida’s Fraccionamiento Real Montejo, a subdivision in northwest Mérida, which is used as a cemetery for these animals that die in the infamous “corridas“.

On Saturday November 3, Jorge Hernandez shared in his Facebook account a video where a white horse is seen with its legs tied up, and a few meters ahead, another brown horse can be observed with recent injuries.

It is not the first time that this place is used as a cemetery for animals, because in the video anther horse can be seen in complete state of decomposition.

On a second video published on Monday Nov. 6, the same user goes to the place to see if the authorities did something about this situation, after the video went viral on social networks, but to the dead animals were still in the same place.

Hernandez affirms that the place is very busy and the strong smell that can be perceived from miles away, harms the people who pass through the site. The stench can be perceive from the CRIT Yucatan which is nearby, and this site could become a source of infection.

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