Brother of the North Mérida agressor threatens victim’s relative with death

The profound indignation that the attack on the young Andrea Marisol Carrillo Mendoza has caused among the Yucatecan society has now increased. In social networks the expressions of support and solidarity towards the girl have not diminished. While rejection against Christian de Jesús Contreras Domínguez behavior increased even more when the victim’s father, Mario Carrillo Magdub, revealed on Sunday November 11th, that a relative of his was threatened with death by the aggressor’s brother via WhatsApp messages.

Mr. Carrillo Magdub said that his daughter continues in strict medical observation for the injuries suffered and that specialists from the Pensiones Clinic have applied various tests to know the evolution of her health condition.

At 21 years of age and student of the fourth semester of the Degree in Communication Sciences at UNID University in Mérida, Andrea Marisol is also receiving psychological therapy to recover from the trauma of which she was a victim.

Christian de Jesús Contreras Domínguez beat up girlfriend with a hammer (Photo: Facebook)

The young agressor originally from Tabasco, was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Public Security and on Friday November 16, he could charged with the crime of feminicide at the Second Court of Control of the Oral Justice Center of Mérida.

TYT Newsroom with information from Yucatanalamano