24 tons of octopus have been captured off the coasts of Yucatan so far this year

The president of the Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Pesqueras del Centro Poniente del Estado, José Luis Carrillo Galaz informed that 24,000 kilos of octopus have already been captured off the coasts of Yucatan so far this season, and estimated they could reach 30 thousand tons to close the season on December 15 when the species enters into a ban.

He said that for the last 10 days no fishing activity has been registered in the Yucatan coast due to a cold front; maritime navigation was suspended, and it is expected to reactivate activities by Monday Nov. 5.

He stated that November and December are characterized by strong cold fronts so octopus and lobster fishery may have to stop for a certain period of time, however, this year the season has been excellent.

He stressed that from the first August to October 31 24 thousand tons of octopus have been captured, the price of the kilo of the species on the beach is 110 pesos. “This is a good year in this important fishery because there are possibilities of reaching up to 30 thousand tons if the weather conditions allow it”, said the fishermen leader.

He recalled that last year, from August 1 to December 15 captured, 22,500 tons of octopus were captured, and the figure is up to 24 thousand tons right now, which means that 2018 has been an excellent year for the men of the sea.

TYT with information from yucatanalamano.com