Yucatán’s Legislative Building lights up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In October, the month of the fight against breast cancer, the Legislative Building in Yucatán was lit up in pink, to make the Yucatecan society aware that the detection and early prevention of this disease can save many lives.

With this act, the LXII Legislature joins other governmental agencies and private organizations in the promotion of this important campaign carried out by the Tócate Foundation, which this year brought up the slogan “Save a woman, save a family”.

The vice-president of the Health and Social Security commission, Marcos Rodríguez Ruz, indicated that it is a significant act to transmit to our families, colleagues and friends, in any field where they are, we need to promote the culture of prevention to fight breast cancer in Yucatan, because this way we can save many lives.

“The health commission had the initiative to turn on the pink lights, as an alert to be aware of this silent evil illmess that takes the lives of thousands of women around the country every year,” Rodríguez Ruz concluded.

Source: http://www.yucatanalminuto.com



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