Tourism increases economic revenue in Yucatan

The second quarter of 2018 left a total economic impact of 2.53 billion dollars which represents an upward variation of 10.8 % with respect to the total economic income recorded during the second quarter of 2017. The number of visitors with overnight stays in the state of Yucatán also increased (not including foreign transportation).

According to the latest figures released by the Tourism Development Secretariat through its statistics program, in the second quarter of last year a spill of 2. 3 billion dollars was recorded, so the increase in the same period this year exceeds 249,000,000 pesos according to this indicator. In this report, the agency stated that, it is estimated that during the period April – June 2018 an average daily expenditure of 3,726 pesos per person (not including foreign transportation) was recorded.

Thus, during the period April – June 2018 the total economic income of visitors with overnight stays is two 2,553 million pesos, which is equivalent to about $ 131 million dollars, not including foreign transportation.

Similarly, according to data from the DataTur Hotel Monitoring Program * /, during the period April-June 2018, the main tourist centers of the state registered a total of 685,101 night-stays, of which 82.6% corresponds to national visitors and 17.4 to international visitors. The average stay of the visitor of 1.72 nights.

Likewise, when comparing the results of the second quarter of 2017 with respect to the same quarter of the previous year (2016), a variation of more than 9.2 % can be observed in the visitor’s average daily expenses (not including foreign transportation).

These figures corroborate a growth in the economic flow left by visitors with overnight (who stay overnight in one of the destinations and tourist poles of the state) in the last two years, at least during the second quarter.