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There will be no inspections by officials from tax department, we shall trust the people (AMLO)

by Yucatan Times
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According to Mexico News Daily (with information from El Financiero), Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared that there will be no federal government inspectors including those from the tax department during the next federal administration, the president-elect declared on Tuesday October 16, explaining “we’re going to trust the people.”

Speaking at a rally in Durango, Andrés Manuel López Ob rador said that inspectors from the Federal Tax Administration (SAT), the Secretariat of Health and consumer protection agency Profeco, among other departments, won’t exist during his presidency.

“There are not going to be bribes at the top [among officials] nor at the bottom [among the people],” López Obrador said.

“. . . There will no longer be street inspectors . . . all the departments have inspectors . . . and they say to everyone that has a shop or a small business ‘let’s see your papers’ . . . It’s not going to be like that anymore, the inspectors are going to be tasked with other activities. They’re not going to be walking around carrying out inspections. We’re going to trust the people,” he added.

Citizens will only have to sign a document pledging that they are “conscious” of their obligation to act within the law, the president-elect said.

“The owner of a shop should be able to express ‘I’m conscious that we all must act speaking truthfully and honestly,’ sign and that’s it. That’s all . . . There will be a draw and whoever comes up will be inspected . . . The law will be enforced but there are not going to be inspectors visiting all the commercial centers all the time, that’s going to end.”

It’s not the first time that López Obrador has placed his faith in the people of Mexico.

Announcing that he will forego personal security as president just days after his landslide victory in the July 1 election, the political veteran said: “The people will protect me . . . He who fights for justice has nothing to fear.”

And last month he defended his plan for a public consultation to determine the future of the new Mexico City airport by declaring that “the people know everything” and were qualified to decide on a major infrastructure project.

López Obrador, who has made combating corruption his core promise to the people of Mexico, will be sworn in as president on December 1.

Orginal article published on Mexico News Daily

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