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The Maya Sites: “Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest”

by Yucatan Times
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Christian Schoen, the author was born in Freiburg, Germany. Traveling has always been a special experience for him. The passionate traveler and biologist refers to getting to know other cultures as “its lifeblood”. On numerous trips through southern Mexico, the highlands of Chiapas and the hot and humid jungles of Guatemala the globetrotter dipped deep into the ancient culture of the Maya. After publishing the highly successful blog project “Amazing Temples and Pyramids”, he decided to additionally publish his travel experiences in this book called: The Maya Sites: “Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest”.

This a very helpful book for those planning a trip, if you’re fascinated by the ancient Maya culture or trying to learn more about it, you definitely have to acquire this book. It features 90 color photos, 14 sketched maps and many more illustrations.

In his book, Christian Schoen helps planning an interesting travel route by providing information that invites to explore further the ruins in eastern Mexico and Guatemala, rather than the typical information about the sites. You will find specialized and useful information about archaeological sites such as:

  • Tulum
  • Cobá
  • Chichén Itzá
  • Ek Balam
  • San Gervasio
  • Izamal-Kinich-kak-mó
  • Uxmal
  • Edzná
  • Palenque
  • Tonina
  • Bonampak
  • Yaxchilán
  • Tikal
  • Yaxhá
  • Mirador

Schoen has done an excellent job conforming this guide, however, he left out Belize, which is home to some interesting major Maya archaeological sites. For those considering a trip to southeast Mexico, they will find this book to be a helpful planning guide.

The book goes into detail on travel times between sites, travel provisions, and a brief description of what to expect when you get to each one of this magnificent Maya ancient cities. It is evident that Schoen spent a good amount of time exploring each place, and his descriptions provide the visitors with a good reference and impression.

If you’re looking for historical information about the sites, details concerning its complex past and so forth, this is not the right book for you, however, if you’re planning a visit to this part of Mexico and Guatemala, mainly using the local, public transportation once in Yucatan, then you will be happy you purchased this book.

If you are thinking about checking out more than the typical most known Maya sites, this book will give you a brief history of the places, general conditions with a small map of each site, hand drawn by the author and a good idea of the town where it is located and the nearest accommodations.

In general terms, this book is a highly useful guide for anyone thinking about touring the Maya region, detailing relevant aspects of traveling to some not so publicized Maya ruins. It is worth its price on the Kindle download, since it is informative and entertaining.

The Maya Sites: “Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest” is the perfect tool to enjoy a trip across the Maya sites of the Yucatán Peninsula, in Mexico and Guatemala.

The Yucatan Times has decided to give a free copy of this book. Stay tuned for the mechanics of this give away.

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