Puppet shows at the General Cemetery of Mérida to celebrate “Day of the Dead”

Creating a recreational and cultural space in the General Cemetery of Mérida in order to promote family values ​​through artistic activities is what the associations Creando Titereando and the Yucatecan Association of Specialists in Heritage Restoration and Conservation (Asociación Yucateca de Especialistas en Restauración y Conservación del Patrimonio: Ayerac) are creating.

“This initiative arises with the alliance of two associations and aims to create a cultural space, an alternative for the people of Merida, so that children in the area can come and enjoy a cultural show.”

The staging that is being presented to the children, is called “The House of the puppets” (La Casa de los Títeres) and its theme is the Day of the Dead, because the dates are close. “This presentation deals with the Hanal Pixán (Maya Day of the Dead celebration), and also features Halloween characters such as witches and ghosts,” said one of the artists.

(Photo: La Verdad)

“The people’s response has been great, because they heard about the event on social networks and were curious about what was going to be done in the cemetery of Mérida. We feel that the cemetery is not only a place to come to visit the dead, it is a space that can become culturally interesting for the people” the artist added.

Limbergh Herrera Balam, president of Ayerac, declared: “we already have a series of events scheduled and what we are proposing is to set up an exhibition; finishing with the work of master Humberto Suaste at the end of December, and in January we will start with a whole new program, so people can enjoy more events like this one”.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.com



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