Progreso, Yucatan to coordinate efforts to take care of the mangrove

Having as main objective the care and preservation of the mangrove in the municipal head and police stations, the H. Ayuntamiento that presides over the Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, through the Direction of Ecology, seeks to establish contact with the Federal Procurator for Environmental Protection in Yucatan to begin to perform actions.

“There is a lot of work to be done, especially in Chicxulub, where residents are willing to create a voluntary surveillance group in order to sue those who invade these natural areas,” said Andrei Narváez Denis, Deputy Director of the Progreso Ayuntamiento.

Also, the official said that the rapprochement between the federal agency and the municipal government has already been sought, however, the state authorities in charge have not been able to undertake the actions proposed by the City Council of Progreso.

“We have the bases, support and initiatives to start working for the conservation of the mangrove in our community, but we need PROFEPA “green light” because they are the agency in charge of the regulation of these actions in the State,” said Narváez Denis.

Among the benefits granted by the mangrove, there is adaptation to climate change as it reduces the impact of phenomena such as tidal waves, hurricanes and other natural disasters; it also helps the preservation of a large number of species that inhabit its surroundings.

“Stong sanctions in the regulation of Ecology and Environment will be imposed to those who invade federal areas, however with the support of local residents and state and federal agencies, we will make sure that these laws are enforced, and stop the irregularities that have been reported” Subdirector Narváez Denis finished.

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