Mexican Navy rescues yacht off the coast of Yucalpetén

On Tuesday, October 11, agents of the Navy Secretariat of Mexico rescued the yacht “Sibarita”, which was left at drift because of a mechanical failure in the engine and on the water path because it hit the jetties of the remote terminal viaduct.

The “Sibarita” sailed out of the Yucalpetén marina and crashed against the breakwaters of the remote terminal due to winds casued by tropical storm “Michael” .

The IX Naval Zone reported that the Port Security Naval Protection Unit 51 (Unaprop-51) informed that “Sibarita” was without propulsion near the cruise terminal pier of the remote terminal.

A Defender type vessel, from the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station (ENSAR) of Yucalpetén, sailed ot for the rescue operation.

The navigation services are located in a good state of health and helped in the removal of the breakwaters.

In addition, the yacht had t be emptied with an electric pump, and it was on the risk of sinking. Once the “Sibarita” was rescued, the ships towed it to a Yucalpetén marina for repair.

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