Maya women of Yucatán cultivate, harvest, process and market Oregano

Maya women from the community of Nohuayún, Yucatán cultivate, harvest, process and market oregano directly from the fields to your table.

With the objective of promoting the development of a productive system of oregano, the Scientific Research Center of Yucatan (CICY), together with the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity and the German Development Cooperation in Mexico, fostered the creation of the project “Maya Women and Oregano de Monte“.

Among the main actions promoted by the project, is the training and organization of women so that they can grow, harvest, process and market oregano without any intermediaries, in addition to selling it to intermediaries, as most farmers do.

Nohauyun, Yucatán is located 55 kilometers (37 miles) west of Mérida (Image: INEGI)

For her work and great contribution to the project, the specialist Luz María Calvo was recognized with the Tierra de Mujeres Award, granted by the Yves Rocher Foundation. which gives a economic incentive, which according to Calvo, was used to install an irrigation system that includes water pumps, as well as to acquire other material for harvesting, in order to increase the planting area of ​​oregano and ensure production throughout the year, as well as establish secure infrastructure for all workers.