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Maya women of the 21st century

by Yucatan Times
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Nowadays, a large number of women are entrepeneurs not only in the Yucatecan Capital but also in rural areas of the state.

If you wonder about the Mayas of today, it’s a fact that several continue to dedicate themselves to agricultural activities in their own plots, mainly to the planting of papaya, citrus trees, or beekeeping.

They follow the tradition inherited by their ancestors and dedicate themselves to the elaboration of wooden crafts and typical embroidered garments; meanwhile, there are those who work as tourist guides at archaeological sites and speak Maya, Spanish English and some even French or Italian.

But the new era is the same for them and with that, their family niche changes, many women have to travel to the state capital to work in commerce or domestic service, and other dedicate themselves to the production of handicrafts, hats, hammocks , guayaberas, among others.

The rate of single Maya mothers has increased in recent times and in spite of everything, women manage to raise their children by giving them education and a decent life. But today, many indigenous women attend universities to be become professionals and have shown great character to carry out their work.

The traditional Mayas, mainly those who live in places outside Merida, have maintained some ceremonies related to the important moments of life: birth, marriage, planting, harvesting, among others. To receive a new member of the family, they resort to midwives, Maya women who accompany and guide pregnant women during the act of birth in a natural way.

But as mentioned at the beginning, modernity also reaches these communities and in some cases women are responsible for continuing the legacy of their parents, either because they don’t have a male companion or because they want to continue with the artisan heritage

The funny thing is that many of them go to universities and get their diploma, with what they become entrepreneurial and improve the artisanal methods, textile techniques or gastronomic knowledge that their parents left for them.

As we can see, the Maya women of today have found in diversity the preservation and evolution of their culture, conserving wisdom and also incorporating new practices according to the new times.

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