Mass killing of stray dogs and cats in Progreso, Yucatán

In the central area of ​​the port of Progreso, the massive killing of stray dogs and cats has been reported during the last weeks, the animals have been poisoned and according to locals, the municipal authorities are doing nothing to find the people the responsible for this slaughter in the Progreso area.

This action has caused great indignation among the villagers because they mention that killing animals this way is not the solution to end the street animals problem.

According to the testimony of a Progreso resident, the first case of a poisoned animal occurred 4 months ago on Calle 31, where eight cats and two dogs were found dead, and in the last weeks they have found five more cats and one dog, which according to the witness were poisoned by a group of people living in the area of ​​Progreso, who have declared that “it is necessary to kill all stray animals to get rid of them”

In the last weeks five cats and a dog have died in the downtown area of ​​Progreso.

According to the persons who reported the situation, it has been already notified to the coordination of Ecology of the Progreso Municipality, who demanded punishment for the people who are responsible for the poisonings. The animals suffer temendous pains and convulsions before dying.

In the meantime the authorities have expressed that they will conduct the proper investigations, because these acts are illegal and prohibited in the port of Progreso.

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