Hyundai chooses Mérida to open its first virtual store in the Americas

The Korean auto firm Hyundai opened its first virtual store in the Americas in Merida, Yucatan.

The Hyundai City Store, located at Plaza La Isla, northeast Mérida, seeks to inform users about Hyundai new models and financing plans through a 3D experience, which allows them to configure their vehicle with their personal preferences.

In a statement, the company states that people can go to the Plaza La Isla dealership to test drive any vehicle, as well as access to all the services of a one-of-a-kind automotive agency.

“Users can also go online to make appraisals for used cars and semi-certified and virtual vehicles remotely, which will allow them to find the car of their choice in the comfort of a virtual experience room, having direct contact with a remote consultant” , the statement reads.

For a second stage, Hyundai City Store is expected to offer these and other services also to other car brands. Among the services of the store there is also a videogame area for kids, and concierge service.


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