How To Play Pokémon Crystal on Your Android Device

How To Play Pokémon Crystal on Your Android Device

A. Interesting Things about Gameboy Advance ROMs:

Gameboy Advance which happens to be a perfect tool for gaming has become extremely popular over the last few decades. Sometimes abbreviated as GBA, this amazing handheld gaming device has been developed by Nintendo and has sold approximately hundred million units across the globe since 2001 when it was first launched on the market. GBA continues to be extremely popular amongst the gaming buffs out there in spite of the introduction of Nintendo DS and it features an innovative TFT LCD display screen as well. Being quite small in size, as well as portable, it comes with a long-lasting lithium ion battery and is compatible with the majority of the other devices and software.

Gameboy Advance ROMs are actually file formats which are being used in tandem together with the emulators, thus allowing you to download as well as play completely free GBA ROMs using your mobile gadget. It is not difficult to find GBA ROMs and they will enable you to play the most popular GBA games on the market as well. You’ll be able to play these games on either your Android device or iOS device.

Gameboy Advance ROMs are appropriate for you to enjoy breathtaking games on your smartphone, computer, or tablet without worrying about the battery running out or struggling to find adequate space for carrying a handheld gaming gadget along with. You simply need to download the ROMs and start playing awesome GBA games right now.

B. How to play Pokemon Crystal?

Pokemon Crystal has been created by Game Freak and published by none other than Nintendo. It was first released in the year 2000 in Japan and in 2001 in Europe as well as the US. As a matter of fact, Crystal was the first main game in the Pokémon series to feature Pokémon animations and can also boast of having an exclusive storyline that involves Suicune. Moreover, it can boast of being the first Pokémon game featuring a female character, namely Kris.

The game has an infrared connection to the Pokémon Pikachu series of pedometers that uses the mystery gift feature so as to give items to the player depending on the steps taken and also the points earned.

The mythological beast Suicune does appear in different locations around Johto and after having met Suicune in each one of these locations and obtaining the Clear Bell, the player will be able to come across Suicune in the Tin Tower. Interestingly, Suicune is not going to escape from the fight. A couple of other legendary creatures, namely, Entei and Raikou, will continue roaming Johto without any change whatsoever. Although it will be feasible to obtain Ho-Oh and Lugia in this particular game, they won’t be appearing till at Level 60. Also, it will not be feasible to catch Ho-Oh, till all these 3 legendary creatures have been caught.

An innovative character, namely Eusine has been introduced in this game who will act as a pseudo-opponent to the player. Eusine is looking for Suicune and will combat the player so as to earn the respect of Suicune.

How to play Pokemon Crystal on Android gadgets:

  1. First of all, download the Pokemon Crystal from any relevant link.
  2. Also, download an emulator which will work best for the ROM.
  3. Install that emulator on your Android gadget.
  4. Put the Pokémon Crystal game in the memory card.
  5. After running the emulator, select Pokémon Crystal for Android ROM so as to start playing.

That’s all!

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