House robbery suspects arrested in Mérida

MÉRIDA.- For its alleged responsibility in at least three house robberies the State Police arrested six people in the north of Mérida, on Sunday October 7.

The detainees are two women and four men from Central Mexico, who broke into houses in the private subdivision of Algarrobos, Colonia México Norte and Chuburna, and seized various belongings.

From the first report, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) activated the protocols for the closure of sectors and the search for the alleged criminals.

The capture of the six subjects was carried out in Fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo, They were traveling on board a van and a compact vehicle and tried to escpae on foot when they were surrounded by the police.

The men jumped walls of Francisco De Montejo’s properties, but they did not manage to escape thanks to the collaboration of the residents who gave access to the police officers.

Not one single shot was made during the operation, there are no people injured.

However, according to the investigations, a woman is still fugitive.


TYT Newsroom with information from SSP