Good expectations for Day of Dead in the local trade: CANACO Mérida

For traders in Yucatan the expectation of sales for the Day of the Dead is very positive as they foresee an increase of  more than 50%.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CANACO SERVYTUR) of Mérida, Michel Salum Francis, pointed out that during the celebration of this great tradition among the Yucatecan families, the sales volume could even exceed 50%.

“Products such as candy, flowers, candles, wines and liquors chicken and pork, among others, recorded a 4.5% growth in sales, generated by the influx of visitors to cemeteries in the cities of Yucatan during the first two days of November last year”, he said.

The president of CANACO Mérida stated that even though this date is more traditional, it encourages the local economy, as families prepare days in advance to enjoy the typical dishes of this ancestral celebration in Yucatan and Mexico.

“Back in 2017 the economic spill at the national level was 16 billion pesos, a figure that is expected to be exceeded this year by at least 5%”, said Salum Francis.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism declared that the tourism and services sectors also have very good expectations, considering that this will be a long weekend, and it will motivate many families to visit the tourist sites of Yucatan.

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