City of Mérida analyzes the use of electric carriages

The City of Mérida will conduct an analysis of the possibility to put into operation electric trolleys to replace carriages pulled by horses in the tourist routes through the Historic Center. Municipal councilors that make up the Commission of Economic and Tourism Development will listen to the different opinions from the citizenship to determine whether this initiative is approved or not.

In this regard, the councilor Karla Salazar González, president of the commission, explained that the project proposed by Mayor Renán Barrera requires a deep analysis to see if it is feasible to be implented in Mérida, taking into account several different factors.

She said that first they have to conduct in-depth studies on the local initiative, by professionals who must explain if it is convenient and cost-effective to change carriages, considering aspects such as the environment and the issue of the caleseros, who are a group of people that have dedicated to provide this service literally for generations, and whose families obviously depend on the income generated by this activity.

Electric carriage NYC (Photo: You Tube)

“We can not predict the outcome of this situation, because it still is in a stage of analysis, the aldermen are the ones who will ultimatley approve the project, but it is something that has to be studied in depth before taking a decision, and we will also listen to the people and what they have to say” Salazar González concluded.

The council stressed that tourism promotion will continue, as Mérida currently occupies one of the first places nationally and internationally in terms of visitors.

The Economic and Tourism Development Commission will also support tourist guides who work in the informal sector, so that they can get certified.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE