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7 advantages of using a VPN

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While many of us use the Internet daily for a variety of purposes, not all of us are aware of the enhanced level of technology that can help us even more. The advantages of using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of them.

What is A VPN

A VPN is basically a system that mimics a private network connection over a public infrastructure. It protects your private connection when you are outside your residence or when you are using Wi-Fi or any other public network making you vulnerable to risks.

A VPN also allows you to use certain apps and devices that may not otherwise be able to be used outside your home country for example, watching Amazon Prime Videos or BBC iPlayer abroad while at a hotel or while on the move.

This article discusses all the advantages of using a VPN so that you become well-informed and make the right decision that protects both your device and your Internet activity.

Earlier, people did not have access to free VPNs due to the lack of sites providing this important service but now all you have to do is go to any website for a free vpn download and you will get this service in a jiffy. This will help you get started and avail of all the concurrent benefits.

Let us now proceed to the Advantages of Using A VPN.

1.     Protects From Troublemakers

When you are using a Wi-Fi in a public place or in fact anywhere outside your home or office, there is a high chance that people will try to track your activity and maybe steal confidential information that must not be shared. These people could be hackers who try to hack into your device or they could be spoofers or spammers looking for ways to trouble you.

Having a VPN can protect you from harm as all your activity will be heavily encrypted and will not be visible to people trying to snoop over you including your Internet Service Provider. This will reduce your level of risk dramatically and will make you less vulnerable as you possess an advanced level of protection.

In a nutshell, having a VPN enhances the level of your security to a very high level enabling you to continue your activity seamlessly.


2.     Removes Geographical Restrictions

The best thing about a VPN is that it removes the barricades that may be put up when you change your location. For example, if you want to watch an American show or movie outside the US, you can make use of a VPN that will allow you unfettered access to them worldwide. This would not be possible without the VPN.

Large corporate companies can benefit a lot from having a VPN as they have branches all over the world and some of them may even be in remote locations that would not be accessible otherwise. It also enables working from home and is great for globetrotting executives who are always on the move. Having a VPN is a boon for companies as it helps in cost-cutting by bringing its employees working in different locations together under a single platform.

In an increasingly interconnected world, it becomes imperative to remove geographical restrictions and having a VPN helps us to do that effortlessly.


3.     Transfers Data Securely

Companies as well as individuals make use of the Internet to share both personal and professional data. They need to ensure that this data will not fall into wrong hands. In other words, they need to protect their privacy and anonymity.

This can only be done by using a VPN as the data will go through impregnable channels enhancing its safety and security and keep it away from eyes with ulterior motives. This shows that when it comes to sharing data, having a VPN is your best bet.


4.     Maintains Web Anonymity

Using a VPN does not allow your Internet Service Provider to know your identity. This gives you the advantage of using the Net with absolute freedom that may not otherwise have been possible. Certain VPN services also block ads that are targeted towards you and this is mainly due to the fact that the ISPs don’t know which sites you love to visit.

This makes it very clear that web anonymity is extremely important for upholding your right to stream and surf the Net freely and having a VPN helps you do just that.


5.     Surmounts over Filters

Many-a-times, we are restricted from visiting certain websites due to heavy censorship and filtering. This could be due to the private agencies, public enterprises or even the governments of countries that want to curtail the freedom of professionals and citizens.

For example, a journalist reporting on a war zone can make use of a VPN to transmit news across this secure channel back home to the news agency. This shows how useful a VPN can be in getting you the best news from around the world.

This shows that having a VPN is very much worthwhile if you want unrestricted freedom of access.


6.     Protects Your Online Identity

Having a VPN gives you with the facility of changing your IP Address. This enables you to keep your identity a secret and helps you do your work without any hurdles and hindrances. This also helps you immensely when you are in a foreign country and need to watch something that may not necessarily be available there.


7.     Helps Avoid Getting Throttled

A major problem that most Internet users have is reduced speed. This means that when you want to watch a movie, a lot of that time will go in downloading and buffering reducing the actual amount of time that you spend in watching the movie eventually.

Sometimes, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do this deliberately so as to decrease the amount of content they allow you to watch giving them a higher level of profits. Having a VPN solves this problem as the ISP can no longer identify you and will not try to deliberately slow down your speed by putting ads or any other blocking elements that will impede your activity.

Thus, having a VPN helps avoid getting throttled by intentional impediments.



Thus, we see that there are numerous advantages of using a VPN and we have mentioned only some of them. So it certainly makes sense to invest in a VPN for your daily Internet activities and this will definitely help you a lot in the long run.

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