Yucatecan brands acknowledged for Best Marketing Strategies

For the third consecutive year, two local companies: Segmentos Research Market Intelligence and Adivor acknowledged recognition to the Best of Marketing and Branding of 2018 to ten Yucatecan brands.

According to José Cab, director of Segmentos Research Market Intelligence and Fernando Santa Cruz, owner of Adivor, the awards recognize the strategic work of marketers and publicists who have stood out both nationally and in the Yucatán peninsula.

The winning brands are:

  1. Dondé
  2. Boxito
  3. Grupo Sadasi
  4. Los 7 Cenotes
  5. Gran Cinema
  6. Aki
  7. Ministry of Economic Development
  8. Gran Cinema Magazine
  9. Chapur
  10. Telesur

These brands were winners in different categories such as social marketing, government, 360°, content, tourism, among others.

According to the organizers, there are currently two thousand marketing students in the state. The recognition to marketing professionals went to Denis Manuel Guzmán and Roger González Guzmán, as well as other graduates from Universidad Oriente de Valladolid, Universidad Mesoamericana, Universidad Latino, Uady, and Anahuac Mayab.

Cab commented that Segmentos Research Market Intelligence is a market research agency that has carried out an analysis to understand the Yucatecan consumer. “We are dedicated to brands with greater positioning and we determine shortlists or winners. The main thing is that these brands listen and talk with their markets, that they ask their consumers their opinion in order to define a strategy”, he added.

For his part, Santa Cruz said that the market’s demands have changed, since it has become bidirectional with social networks and the internet. “Now the consumer has a voice, he can viralize a topic in a positive or negative way. That’s why companies must be more committed to their consumers” he said.

STYT Newsroom with information from lajornadamaya.mx