Yucatán to receive $ 70 million pesos for public security

The Fund for the Strengthening of Performance in Public Security Matters (Programa de Fortalecimiento para la Seguridad: FORTASEG), will grant $ 70,158,728, for Municipalities in the States of Yucatán; out of which just over $14 million will be for Merida, according to the agreement published last Monday in the Official Gazette of the State.

Yucatan and four of its main municipalities exercise this year $ 120,658,018 in security, according to the Official Gazette of the State.

In the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) it was specified that the economic resource provided by FORTASEG to municipalities and states this year, $ 97,741,999 were contributions from the Federation and $ 22,916,008 came from municipalities and the local executive.

The municipalities that benefit from the program this year and that are exercising the last resources of this year are Mérida, Progreso, Tizimín and Valladolid. The resource was distributed as follows:

  • Mérida, $ 14,031,745 pesos
  • Progreso $ 12 million pesos
  • Tizimín, $ 12 million pesos
  • Valladolid, $ 12,467,545 pesos

On the Official Gazette of the State, it was specified that the resources are exclusively to strengthen the performance and functions of the municipalities and the State in matters of public security.

Source: yucatan.com.mx