Yucatán, second place at national level in IT companies

“Yucatan ranks second at national level in number of IT companies, which generate around one billion pesos a year, so the main challenge now is to have the certification training to be more competitive”, said Rubén López Arceo, president of the local National Association of Distributors of Information Technology and Communications (Anadic).

He reported that although 50% of the more than 140 companies that operate in the state already have a specialization, it is important to maintain the level of competition, since nationally these companies generate more than 12 billion pesos a year.

The president of Anadic compared our state with the state of Chiapas, where less than 10% of its companies are certified, and said that Yucatán “is not that bad“, but the state is still competing with Chihuahua, Jalisco and Mexico City, which have a considerable number of IT well established Business.

He indicated that Yucatán has the capacity to excel at the national level, because more high-level institutes offer this type of careers, both technical and at college degree.

“The rector of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (Uady), José de Jesús Wiliams, contacted me to review the curriculum and get to know the skills that university students should develop,” López Arceo concluded.

Source: SIPSE