Yucatan could become a Health Tourism pole (Mid Global Care Health Division)

Yucatan meets all the essential requirements to become an important pole of tourism focused on health, said Dr. Pradosh Kumar Panigrahi, vice president of the “International Board of Medicine and Surgery”.

“Yucatan has everything, it’s an ideal place for Health Tourism. I hope the government will take enough interest so that more can be developed in this area” Kumar Panigrahi added during a visit to the Anahuac Mayab University.

The firm “Mid Global Care Health Division”, which will offer a health tourism service and which works in conjunction with the aforementioned organization, is developed in the TecniA Park facility, located within campus.

Dr. Pradosh Kumar shared that during his visit to Mérida, he is impressed to see nothing but good things; he has an excellent impression about the doctors he has met, the medical facilities he has visited and the city in general.

“Mérida can have access to the international Health Tourism market with good results” he said.

The specialist added that there is hospital infrastructure, good level medical staff and combined with the tourist attractions of Yucatan, could make the State an ideal place for this type of tourist activity.

“Yucatan is a very good place, very hot, but charming. They must be developed through companies such as ours, ‘Mid Global Care’, and also through university institutions such as Anahuac Mayab.”

Dr. Pradosh Kumar said he would like doctors to understand the importance of medical tourism so they can be aware of how they can help and protect people from all over the world.

TYT Newsroom yucatan.com.mx