After a session of the City Hall held on Sunday, September 16, the mayor of Ticul Rafael Montalvo Mata instructed the different departments of the City Council to stop using plastic containers (PET), by suggestion from citizens and to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

At this meeting, agreements were also unanimously approved with the Institute for the Legal Security of Yucatan (Insejupy) to carry out various projects in coordination with the Municipal Cadastre and the Federal Electricity Commission for the issue of Derecho a Alumbrado Público: DAP (Right to Public Lighting).

Both agreements were approved unanimously and at the end of the session it was mentioned that all the departments of the Ticul´s City Hall have been asked to avoid the consumption of beverages in pet containers.

Montalvo Mata indicated that at the suggestion of the citizenship in social networks, this campaign will be undertaken in favor of environmental preservation, and that, like this measure, others will be taken in the coming days.

The mayor added that water dispensers will be installed in the different departments of the City Hall building and workers will use non-disposable cups.

“All the suggestions of the citizens are been taken into account, and I think it is important to contribute to the care of the environment. That is why we will adopt other measures in the City Council to generate less waste. ”

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