Millionaire agreement between Xcaret and INAH

Xcaret will pay annually to the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) 4,200,000 pesos, for the concept of admission fees to access the ecotourism park and the archaeological zone within the park premises.

The above thanks to an agreement signed on Saturday, September 1, by representatives of the government and Xcaret’s high executives. The document is similar to that signed in 1994, with a validity of 25 years. The annual payment agreed back then was 600,000 pesos.

The new agreement, with 10 years of validity, was signed by Diego Prieto, general director of INAH; Guadalupe Quintana Pali, director of Flora Fauna y Cultura de México; in addition to Adriana Velázquez Morlet, delegate of INAH in Quintana Roo; and Elizabeth Lugo, executive director of Grupo Experiencias Xcaret.

Inside the Xcaret ecotourism park, the visitors can admire archaeological vestiges, which can be accessed by paying a symbolic fee of 70 pesos (park attractions not included). According to INAH, these buildings became important between 1000-1550 d. C., when it grew like other settlements on the coast, and benefited mainly from marine resources and an important commercial route of cabotage that extended all the way down to Honduras.

(Photo: Xcaret)

“Historical heritage belongs to everyone, not just to academics and researchers. Its our society, which produces, reproduces, gives meaning, recognition and sustainability to this world heritage. That is why it is so important that INAH collaborates with private companies, universities, local governments, etc., and of course Quintana Roo, has a great archaeological heritage, “said Diego Prieto.

To access only the archaeological site there is an exclusive entrance with a box office south of Xcaret’s main entrance. Free admission to Mexican nationals on Sundays, in accordance with the current legislation.

Source: SIPSE