Mexico analyzing U.S. proposal on deportation funding

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s government said on Thursday that it was analyzing a proposal from the U.S. State Department to help fund the deportation of migrants from Mexico.

The New York Times reported on Thursday September 13 that President Donald Trump’s administration told Congress that it intended to use $20 million of foreign aid to help Mexico deport thousands of people.

In a joint statement, Mexico’s Interior and Foreign Ministries said they had not accepted the proposal in either a “verbal or written” way.

This maneuver is the latest by the administration to reduce the number of immigrants crossing the southwestern border.

The most prominent piece of the effort has been the “zero tolerance” policy to criminally prosecute any immigrant who enters the country without authorization. That led to the widely criticized practice of separating children from their parents at the border, which spurred a humanitarian and political crisis for Mr. Trump.