Mexican “Día del Grito”… in China!

With typical clothing from Mexico, dozens of Mexicans residing in different cities of China gathered on the night of September 14 in Beijing to celebrate the Independence of Mexico and remember with pride and nostalgia their homeland.

The event organized by the Mexican embassy in China featured typical food, music, and drinks, as well as the participation of companies that already have business in China, such as Bimbo, La Misión and Corona, as well as a representation from the Ministry of Tourism.

The shout was headed by Mexico’s Ambassador to China, José Luis Bernal, who was accompanied by his wife, Berta Alícia Garcia.

The “Grito”, because it is the national celebration that unites all Mexicans, offers the opportunity to celebrate wherever they are and remind compatriots that “they are not alone, and Mexico is with them”.

While the night passed, the typical songs of Mexico raised the mood among those present, and some who, despite not being Mexican, tried to follow in the footsteps and join in the celebration.

The young student, Ana Valeria Calvo Guzmán, who has been in China for more than 10 years, said that attending this celebration is to unite with her roots. “It represents a part of me, of my roots, it’s being surrounded by my people and feeling like I was in Mexico.”

Chinese merchant Michael Lin, said that participating in the “Cry” ceremony allows him to make relationships with more Mexicans and appreciate and learn more about the culture of this country, which is his second homeland.

“I like Mexican food and the happiness of its people, and especially its hospitality, although I do not understand what happened at the event, I really liked to feel welcome,” he admitted.

Around the world, different consulates and embassies will carry out during the 14th and 15th of September in celebration of the Independence of Mexico in 1810.

Source: Vallarta Daily