Mérida, recognized as one of the most important tourist spots in Southeast Mexico

The Municipal Tourism Directorate is currently working in specifying the proposals made by the state tourism sector to integrate them into the municipal development plan and thereby establish promotion strategies for the city.

Eduardo Seijo Solís, director of tourism said that one of the most important tasks for the municipality will be to promote the Mérida brand with greater impact in the region, since 60% of the visitors to this city come from Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Belize.

He said that a high percentage of tourists who come to the city come for many different reasons: shopping, medical care, tests, studies, treatments or surgical procedures, others come to visit the museums, archeaological sites, restaurants, theaters or art galleries; so it will be sought to have more information on events, activities and proposals both artistic and cultural, that our city constantly features.

In addition to the traditional sites that they visit during their stay in the city, such as the Centenario Zoo, Parque Animaya, the Paseo de Montejo or the shopping malls (just to name a few), it is sought that they have more references about the different attractions, museums, theme parks and cultural sites that are open all year round, and some of them can be visited for free.

In the same way, the municipal administration will seek to publicize the billboard of cultural events and activities to make it an attraction for visitors and at the same time, to turn these cultural and artistic events into traditions that showcase the roots of our city.

For instance, the Restaurant Week started today and it is an attractive proposal because the Yucatecan cuisine is a national reference, now with much more sophisticated and interesting gastronomic options. Fusion and traditional recipes are being showcased and that bring us closer to modernity and the creations of young people in spaces that are not as traditional,” he said.

Seijo Solís explained that the City Council is already preparing the Hanal Pixán Day activities, and the X’matkuil fair.

He added that the Municipal Development Plan will be announced during the first hundred days of the government of Mayor Renán Barrera, including the strategies and proposals that the Tourism Directorate will be implementing.

TYT Newsroom with information from: lajornadamaya.mx