Let’s have a Pachanga at Eladio’s!

Eladio’s is much more than a restaurant bar, they are holders of a tradition that goes all the way back to 1952, and today they are one of the most recognized establishments in Yucatan, not only locally, but also at national and international level.

The magic begins as you arrive to Eladio’s, the monotony and stress of everyday life is left out once you enter the premises, and the party begins. Delicious and tasty dishes, drinks, music and attention that exceeds any expectation.

And after 60 years of leadership in the state, and featuring seven restaurants, they come up with a new concept: “Pachangas Eladios“, ideal for office and family parties from 50 to one thousand people.

You can choose to organize your Pachanga in your favorite Eladio’s or in any other place of your choice, just select the type of food service, either with their famous snacks and / or specialty dishes and pick from their great variety of refreshing drinks.

Pachangas Eladio’s” offers free live musical group, chairs and tables without additional cost, with large capacity spaces, or private sections for up to 80 people,

Eladio’s has packages starting from $ 197 pesos per person, which include a wide variety of snacks, tacos and drinks, and if you organize your event during the month of October 2018, you get a special price.

With more than 60 years of experience in Eladio-therapy (Eladio Terapia), now you can have a 100% Yucatecan party, leaving the organization in the hands of experts, that will guarantee you the perfect atmosphere, food, drinks, excellent service, music and more… by booking your “Eladio-Pachanga”.

To book your Pachanga call 925 0767 or go to www.pachanga.mx