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Is the construction of real estate projects damaging ecosystems in Yucatán?

by Yucatan Times
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“Yucatan is losing its natural resources due to the indiscriminate development of Real Estate projects that are taking place at the moment”, said Olimpia Castillo Blanco, member of the Communication and Environmental Education Organization, S.C.

“In the rest of the country, Yucatan has always been considered a wonderful southern state that everyone knows because they hear good things about it, but when we get to the capital and see how many commercial plazas and buildings are being built, which are destroying the original ecosystem, we ask ourselves, do we really need this?”, she continued.

According to the specialist in environmental issues, this situation that currently prevails is mistakenly called “progress and development”, because the general perception is that the native vegetation and fauna are unnecessary,

“Many people say that they feel better because they removed those bushes that did not look good” she stated.

“But much of the flora in Mérida are not big trees, like other states that have forests and beautiful landscapes. However, it is necessary for the habitat of several species that make up an ecosystem that often prevent pests, but this is clearly not important to society in general.”

“Another of the most important issues for the State is the conservation of water quality, a widespread problem throughout the country, since there is no adequate and effective management of this vital liquid”, declared the member of the Communication and Environmental Education Organization.

“If the incoming state government administration do not take this problem seriously, we are at risk of leaving entire communities without water” Castillo Blanco concluded.

Source: SIPSE

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