Ground is being prepared for Yucatán’s Special Economic Zone

The ground is ready for the Special Economic Zone of Progreso that will be installed on the west side of the Mérida-Progreso highway, and breaking ground ceremony will be carried out soon.

Since the beginning of September the local government began to build a road a little over two kilometers west of the Mérida-Progreso highway, at kilometer 25 of that federal highway.

The access to the SEZ is paved and now they are placing a sign at the entrance with the name of the Special Economic Zone (Zona Económica Especial).

The access is located just passing the bridge of the Paraíso community, on the west side of the Mérida-Progreso highway, which is where the SEZ will begin to be built on January 2019.

The SEZ will occupy 1,700 hectares of land donated by the state government, of which 320 hectares will be for public areas, in which an industrial park will be built, the rest will be for private use.

The companies that are installed are related to information technology and technological development. The plan fr the SEZ is that in 20 years it generates at least 30,000 jobs.

According to an statement by the state government, one of the last activities that governor Rolando Zapata Bello will carry out before the end of his administration will be presiding the ground breaking ceremony to kick off the construction works at the SEZ.

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