Contemporary Music Festival comes to Mérida’s Centro Cultural Olimpo


The Cultural Center Olimpo will host next Friday Sep. 7 and Saturday 8 the first Comma Contemporary Music Festival, which seeks to be a platform to disseminate the musical work of a range of different genres that are considered as “contemporary music”.

The activity will bring together local artists, and a special invited group, the Ensemble Liminar of Mexico City, which has a recognized track record, and who will be in charge of closing the Festival on Saturday September 8th.

Among the participating artists that will be performing, there are a number of local musicians such as: Musgrav (Christian Morales and Gabriel López Palma), Leonel Traconis, José Luis Gil, Armando Martín, Elías Puc, Enrique Rejón Palma and Javier Beci, who will interpret both contemporary music which is considered academic work; and also electronic music, electroacoustic, improvisation and sound art.

The Festival is open to all public and admission is free.

The musical activity will start at 8:00 pm on Friday Sep. 7; and at 7:00 pm on on Saturday Sep. 8th.