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Canadian and American citizens visited SSP facility in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Canadian and American citizens residing in coastal towns of Yucatan, paid a visit to the facilities of the Police Intelligence and Monitoring Unit (UMIPOL) of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and affirmed that they live in peace and safety here.

They observed the operation of the video surveillance and radiocommunications systems, as well as the 9-1-1 emergency number. They verified the modern technology available to the State Police for their operations, “like the best in Canada and the United States,” they asserted.

“On instructions from the head of the SSP, Commander Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda, permanent channels of communication and coordination have been established with the local and foreign residents in the state of Yucatán”, declared Commander Jorge Armando Albert Camargo, operational director of the Integral Centers of Public Security (CISP).

He specified that in the coastal communities the State Police conducts frequent meetings with neighbors, social organizations, fishermen, businessmen and municipal authorities, as well as with foreign residents, in order to meet more effectively the requirements in matters of public safety.

The delegation that visited the police facilities were basically a group of residents from the United States and Canada, some of them representaties of their respective consulates.

At the UMIPOL, they witnessed the work of the of the 9-1-1 operators, and how the are in coordination with police officers, fire fighters and paramedics, in order to attend each and every emergency in a specialized way, the opertors are trained to attend calls in Spanish as well as in English or Maya language.

Police Intelligence and Monitoring Unit (UMIPOL) (Photo: SIPSE)

Speranza Auram, a US citizen who has lived in the port of Progreso for four years, said she was impressed to see the facilities of UMIPOL. She said she feels safe to see the patrols in their tours and the lights of the checkpoints, because for the foreign community the most important thing is security and not to feel afraid at any time.

Robert Rentz, from the state of Florida says that in Yucatan he feels very safe and that for him as a foreigner the most important thing is security. He said that before this visit, he did not believe that this technology existed in the State or this level of security.

Karen Cloutier, from Canada and with eleven years of residence in Chicxulub Puerto, says that she worked in 911 for several years at her country, and that she has been surprised by the technology she saw at UMIPOL. As good as the best in Canada or the United States.

He said he has the experience of calling 9-1-1 to report an illegal act and that the response from the State Police was immediate. She said she was very happy in Yucatan and expressed a message to the police: “Keep doing a good job.”

Participated in the visit Olivia Bakker Gómez, liaison of the Coordination of International Affairs of the Office of the Governor of the State.

The person in charge of the UMIPOL, Commander Manuel Martínez Estrella, was also present.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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