Businessmen ask for more trees on Tulum’s main Avenue

“Now that Avenida Tulum Norte will be remodeled, the businessmen of the tourist sector ask to plant more trees in the section to make more pleasant and visually attractive. An initiative in which they will invest a little more than nine million pesos and it is expected to be finished by December, when the high season begins”, said the former Tulum hotelier leader, Adolfo Contreras.

He stated that this part of the avenue receives direct sunlight from the first hours of the day, so having more trees favors more shade to establishments located in the area, besides being a factor of embellishment.

He added that the reviews made by the Tulum Pueblo Magico Citizen Committee, of which he is a member, will be constant to verify that the project adheres fully to the proposal presented by the authorities.

“There was a tender, a company was elected to be in charge of the project, there is obviously a budget assigned and the works are expected to begin next week,” he added. This project is something everyone is waiting for because the interest is to finish it before December 15th.

By having one single ditch for telephone and electricity services that will be underground (because the area already has drainage and a recently expanded potable water network), facilitates the work and reduces the time of execution of the work, he explains.

“The company in charge of the project will be working during the next two months, to avoid generating complications with the excavation works,”, said Contreras.

Electric power network will be installed in underground pipelines (that are yet to be built), in order to remove the wiring from the main avenue, he concluded.

Source: SIPSE