Art Selfie: now Google tells you what work of art you look like


Google’s hit Art Selfie tool has launched outside the US, meaning people in Latin American countries can now find out whether they look more like the Laughing Cavalier or the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The feature comes with Google’s Arts and Culture app and has been available in the US for quite a while, and as of today its Arts & Culture application will allow users in Mexico to take selfies, and it will tell them what artwork they look like, so that people can connect with art and culture.

In a statement the technology giant says that since last January they announced this option, called “Art Selfie”, in some countries; and up to this date, about 78 million images have been taken, and it is now available in our recondite region of the Yucatan.

“These selfies have been taken in the Google Arts & Culture app, thanks to an experiment that finds your double among tens of thousands of works of art that are part of the collections of museums around the world that have partnered with Google Arts and Culture “.

Art Selfie works with computer vision technology based on machine learning, so when users take a selfie, their photo is compared to the faces of the works of art that the associated museums have provided.

After a moment, the users will be able to see the results together with a percentage to estimate the visual similarity of each coincidence and their face, with which the selfie becomes a door of access and pure interaction with art.

“Together with our partner museums, we are constantly experimenting with new ways for people to discover and interact with art. In the same spirit, we will also have Art Selfie as an option within Google Lens on Android, “the company said in statment.

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