Valladolid artisans and street vendors report good sales this holiday season

Coconut ice cream (Photo: Archive)

In the middle of the holiday season, artisans and craftsmen in Valladolid, Yucatán have been reporting good sales due to the large number of tourists that have visited this “Pueblo Mágico”.

Food & beverage street vendors have been obtaining good profits too.

“Not only say that we sell double or triple what we normally do, but we also have a higher profit margin” said an artisan.

“Lately there are many tourists, either because they stay for a few days here or because they are just passing by as part of tours to archaeological sites, the important thing is that more and more people are visiting Valadolid.” he continnued.


“On the other hand, due to the high temperatures that have been registered lately in the state of Yucatán, tourists and passers by consume more “aguas frescas“, ice cream, fruit juice and other beverages.” said Anselmo Ac, ice cream vendor that sells his product on the main Plaza of Valladolid.

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