The owner of two tigers, sentenced to 25 years imprisoned


The owner of two Bengal tigers that was attacked on August 6 by his animals is brain dead. His chances of improvement are practically nule, according to medical reports. His 15-year-old son, who was also injured by the tigers, is out of danger after undergoing surgery, although his condition is still delicate.

The owner of the tigers is in police custody because he has a re-apprehension warrant for qualified homicide in his home state, Nuevo León.

Following the tiger attack, the State Investigative Police of the SSP initiated the corresponding inquiries and made it known that Roberto Lozano Tamez has a sentence of 25 years in prison, ratified by the Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Nuevo León.

The SSP maintains the suspect under custody, in coordination with the authorities of Nuevo León, and will proceed to complete the re-arrest order once it is discharged.

On Tuesday August 7, it was reported that an incident occurred inside a private property located in the municipality of Baca, Yucatán; where it was reported that a Bengal tiger allegedly injured a teenager and his father. The boy was caught by the tiger first, and when his father came to his aid, he was viciously attacked by the feline with tusks and claws.

Three people got injured by the two adult felines, owned by Lozano Tamez. The third person was businessman Jorge Arturo Sánchez Orea, (aka) “Bebo”, a friend of Lozano’s.

The property that housed these exotic animals is located at kilometer 22.5 of the Mérida-Motul road, near the “Santa María” cattle ranch.

Authorities are investigating the presence of tigers, one white and the other yellow, on a two-hectare plot located just 20 miles northeast of downtown Merida. (Image INEGI)

Although at first it was reported that young Neithan Lozano was the most seriously injured, hours later it was learned that Roberto Lozano, who grew the tigers since they were puppies, arrived to the hospital totally unconscious.

Both were admitted to the Star Medica hospital in Merida, and both remain in intensive care. Later that day, it was announced that Roberto Lozano had been declared brain dead.

The family of Lozano Tamez is already in Mérida from Monterrey. According to collected versions, the Monterrey resident has a farm in Temozón Norte de Mérida, where he had other wild animals.

Although no federal or state authority has agreed to provide information about the fact, it was found that Lozano had the permits to own the tigers legally.

In the same place where the attack took place, there is a cage with monkeys and recently built barns. Unofficially it was reported that environmental authorities visited the place to verify their conditions.

“The cage of the tigers is large, has an artificial lake for cats, and it also has a “trap” to feed them and it was cleaned up by employees every day, but this confinement facility did not have the double fence that should’ve been located one meter from the cage, to prevent felines from injuring someone who could stand right next to it.” sources said.

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