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Meet the exotic “boxer shrimp” from Cozumel

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In the film Finding Nemo, from the Disney production house, ‘Jaques’ plays the role of a cleaner shrimp from the Pacific, which is not far from the true Caribbean boxer shrimp, the species Stenopus hispidus or banded boxing prawn.

An inhabitant of the deep seas of Cozumel, this species habitat extends all the way down to Brazil and is mostly known as banded, scavenging shrimp, an omnivorous species that feeds mostly on parasites and dead tissue.

According to specialists, they have been able to observe that fish with parasites go to “cleaning stations” in the reefs. There, certain species of fish and several species of cleaning animals come in large numbers to help the infested fish, which can even enter the mouth and even into the gill cavity, without being eaten.

The Stenopus hispidus is monogamous that is to say that it lives with a single partner all of its life and it is a very territorial creature also. Precisely his offensive-defensive attitude of throwing his claws at the aggressor, has earned him the common name of boxer shrimp.

To know more:

Animalia Kingdom
Class: Malacostraca
Species: S. hispidus

10 things you did not know about the Caribbean shrimp
1. Renews its entire body every 3 or 4 weeks approximately.
2. Only the male goes out in search of food.
3. The female waits for the male, and then allows him to take part of the food obtained.
4. They use a very visual courtship ritual that lasts several hours.
5. The female can save the sperm for future fertilizations.
6. The females carry the eggs under the abdomen.
7. It is very sensitive to changes in saline density and pH.
8. It prefers to live in caves that allow him to take refuge.
9. It prefers to lie face down as his natural resting position.
10. It is wanted by other species for cleaning actions.

Source: laverdadnoticias.com

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