The appearance of sargassum on the coast causes concern in Yucatan


After several weeks of Yucatecans and visitors bragging on social networks, photographs and videos showing the crystalline waters of the coast of the Yucatan, the presence of sargassum was reported in some areas.

One of the reports showed a considerable amount of sargassum in San Crisanto beach, municipality of Sinanché, Yucatán. With the appearance of the seaweed, tourists took their distance from the water and prefered not to swim in the sea.

It is worth mentioning that this is the last weekend of summer vacation in Yucatan, so the appearance of sargassum endangers the economic income of all those who depend on tourism.

Locals and tourists don’t want to see the beaches of Yucatan in a similar situation to that of the beaches of Cancun during most of the summer vacation season, where tourism activity was severely affected.

Regarding the sargassum situation in Cancun experts in coastal ecosystems warned in the Mexican Senate that the threat of sargassum will be even greater in the month of December.

So far the amount of sargassum on the beaches of Yucatan is not alarming and service providers hope that the situation will not get worse. Authorities have not issued any statement about this situation in the Yucatan coasts.