Students of Quintana Roo will create apps to promote the Maya language


Quintana, Roo.- According to Ramón Briseño Dominguez, in charge of the general coordination of the Technological Institute of Carrillo Puerto, although more than 50% of the student population of Felipe Carrillo Puerto speaks the Maya language, there is still a tendency to deny this cultural heritage, as the young generations feel ashamed for making known that they speak or understand the language.

However, there is a small group of young people who are concerned and busy that this linguistic heritage is not lost, and have used technology for its preservation and dissemination.

He explained that two students from this educational institution have developed two mobile applications that can be downloaded for smart phones and tablets.

The first seeks to teach the language through the digital platform, offering words, images and phrases to learn Maya.

The other application, aims to publicize the name of medicinal plants and their benefits. In addition, it also integrates some endemic species of flora and fauna of Quintana Roo, which names appear in Maya-Spanish and English.

Both applications are in process to be launched soon, and can be acquired through the Android app stores.

The professor recognized necessary that the new generations do not see the native language of their parents and grandparents as something shameful, but on the contrary, as a great privilege of knowing and maintaining a living patrimony of ancestral cultures.

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